Work for Schnucks

This work was created while I was employed at Schnuck Markets, Inc. and create graphics for their Digital Marketing department. I design e-newsletters, web banners, digital gift cards, Pinterest pins, Facebook content, various web graphics and other miscellaneous graphics as needed. I collaborate with other departments frequently and occasionally contact vendors for photos and logos to feature their products.

Pinterest pins were created for various purposes, such as liquor support, food holidays, drink recipes, answers to questions on Facebook, Christmas, Thanksgiving and many others. There were 8 pins focused on wine that were posted on Pinterest for 8 consecutive weeks.
I helped launch Schnucks Fit Pins program. It is a program through Pinterest that users can utilize for their diet needs. I worked with dietitians, the ad team, several vendors and the rest of the digital marketing team in a collaborative design for the Fit Pins. I also took some lifestyle photos for the Fit Pins as needed.
I designed many e-Newsletters that were sent to the Schnucks customers. Usually there were several different versions for different markets or specific events. We tested different layouts for the e-mails and looked at the results to see what was opened and interacted with the most.
I designed the digital gift cards that were promoted on all social media platforms through posts and videos. I wanted to give the customers multiple options for each card, with different cards for birthdays, graduation, congratulations, holidays, thank you & general cards for any occasion. When the customer purchases a gift card, the receiver is sent to a website for further information about using the gift card. I designed both banners and the gift card.
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