The main entrance panel that the viewer will see when approaching the science exhibition.
Panel 1 describing why queen bees are produced and giving general information about the three types of honeybees. This panel is not featured in the exhibition mock-up below.
Panel 2 describing the first steps of the process, including laying eggs and how the bees respond if the queen bee has already died.
Panel 3 showing what happens in the meantime and how the queen bee kills her sister queens that are still in their cells. The bees are shown on their own flight patterns,
Panel 4 shows what the young queen does after killing her sister queens. After taking a mating flight, there are three things that the queen can do next.
Panel 6 shows the regular life in the hive, including healthy life expectancy and population sizes.
Panel 7 is the honeybee Queen anatomy. This illustration does not appear anywhere else as I was unable to find very little reference photos to base the Queen's anatomical structure from.
Panel 8 gives useful vocabulary definitions and offers fun facts as well that the viewer may find interesting.
This is a mockup for the science exhibition. Please note that panels 1, 6, and 8 are not included in the mockup as 1 and 6 would be on the back of the entrance panels, and panel 8 would be on the back of the Queen Bee anatomy panel. These panels can be seen above. 
This is an information motion graphic that I completed the animations, illustrations, and voiceover for. This process describes what is discussed in the panels from start-to-finish, very useful for those who want to see the process in action.
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